Committee Activities

(1) Sales and marketing committee
  •  Organize sales and marketing seminars
  •  Conduct research on unit prices for heat treatment processing and prices for purchased products
  •  Organize factory visit trainings
(2) Technology committee
  •  Provide directions for energy saving and CO2 reducing measures
  •  Organize introductory heat treatment schools
  •  Organize new employee training courses (MHLW project)
  •  Back up core human resource development courses for manufacturing at the Tokyo Institute of Technology
  •  Organize national proficiency tests as a contracted association
  •  Organize proficiency test preparation trainings
  •  Organize factory visits
  •  Support to obtain ISO certificates
  •  Organize internal auditor trainings
  •  Organize ISO-TS16949 core tool seminars
(3) IT committee
  •  Support to establish information systems for association members

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