Message from the President


     Thank you very much for visiting the website of TOBU METAL HEAT TREATMENT ASSOCIATION. In the time when a large number of Japan-made heat-treated machine parts are widely used across the world, we recognized the need of organizing a Japanese industry group that can deliver industry information in English.
     We, TOBU METAL HEAT TREATMENT ASSOCIATION, has established by 91 founders for the purpose of the cooperation of heat treatment companies in eastern Japan. Most heat treatment companies are small and medium sized and tend to short in management resources, such as funds, personnel, etc., compared to large companies. Thus, associations take a major role to support small and medium-sized companies. While some associations are organized for the main purpose of financial or joint procurement projects TOBU METAL HEAT TREATMENT ASSOCIATION is focused on education and research study.
     Some of the policies of TOBU METAL HEAT TREATMENT ASSOCIATION are ”Educate and train employees to enhance their skills and knowledge,” “Recognize problems in the industry and present countermeasures to association members” and so on. Under the policies, we conduct various training projects ((1) new employee training courses: OFF-JT 90 hours, OJT 335 hours, (2) proficiency test (national examination) preparation trainings, (3) ISO internal auditor trainings - focusing on role-plays, case studies, etc.) and seminar projects ((1) saving energy seminars, (2) TS16949 core tool seminars, etc.)
     And four committees are the ones that formulate action plans and promote projects. Committee members are sent from members of association companies and eager to work for the industry. This made it possible for committees to achieve great results in nearly 40 years.
     It is difficult to predict the future trend of the world’s monozukuri (manufacturing) industry. However, as heat treatment companies that provide a backbone to monozukuri technology, it is important to maintain Japan’s high-level of heat treatment technology that is relied by those who are in the monozukuri industry. To accomplish this, we believe that associations have to make every effort to enhance the quality of trainings and seminars more than ever.